Arctic SDI Geoportal Services - introduction and disclaimer


The Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Geoportal provides access to geospatial data and services available via the Arctic SDI to support and facilitate monitoring, management and decision making, and support sustainable development in the Arctic. Specifically, the Arctic SDI Geoportal facilitates the discovery, visualization, evaluation, download and integration of geographic data from a variety of sources for the Arctic. The Arctic SDI Geoportal is the result of cooperative efforts between the National Mapping Agencies (NMAs) of the eight Arctic Council Member countries.


This Arctic SDI Geoportal is intended to provide free and open access for any user. Some data available through this Geoportal may have usage restrictions. Using some features of the Geoportal may require registering and signing in as an authenticated user. The Arctic SDI incorporates data from multiple, distributed providers and each data set has a specific license. Arctic SDI's Geoportal Metadata Catalogue links to these data licenses as supplied by the respective data providers and it is the responsibility of the user to comply with these licenses, disclaimers, and/or copyright notices. The Arctic SDI Geoportal offers no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information it contains. The Arctic SDI Geoportal strives to maintain high service availability, but does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Arctic SDI Geoportal or the data services provided therein.

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In case of questions, or other inquiries, please contact us via You can also reach us via this email address, if you would like to have your spatial web service and data connected to the Arctic SDI Geoportal.